Choosing A Whiteboard For Your New Office

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Like all life decisions, picking the right whiteboard for your new office will require some insight. While the best type of dry erase board might involve a specific brand, making the right choice also depends on how you plan to use your whiteboard.

Whether you’ve recently decided to rent an office space or find yourself needing something you can temporarily write on after working in the same space for years, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose a whiteboard that will complement your office while fulfilling your dry-erase needs.

How Will You Use Your Dry-Erase Board?

Think about how you plan to use your whiteboard. Do you plan to use your dry-erase board to take notes? Or perhaps you’ll use it as a reminder.

Consider where you plan to mount it as well. Using a whiteboard for an office means you can hang it on a refrigerator with magnets (if your office has a fridge). However, you can also find a wall-mounted whiteboard if you lack this chilly appliance.

For those who use a whiteboard for presentations, a portable dry-erase board with a stand or even on wheels could be the best option. While hanging one in your office comes with some benefits, having the ability to bring it anywhere can be ideal in some situations. So make sure to consider whether you need a wall-mounted or freestanding whiteboard.

Which Accessories Do You Want To Use With Your Whiteboard?

While you’ll definitely need to have dry-erase markers and erasers on-hand, you might want to use other accessories with your whiteboard. These additional accessories could increase the usability and visibility of your whiteboard. However, it all depends on how you plan to use it.

For example, if you plan to hang loose paper from your whiteboard as reminders, you’ll likely want to purchase a magnetic whiteboard. Or, if you’d rather have a portion of your board magnetic, you can add magnetic strips and icons for organizing and adding to the aesthetic.

If you don’t need a magnetic whiteboard, you can choose a melamine or plastic whiteboard instead. These can lack a magnetic surface and don’t come with the same expensive price tag as porcelain or ceramic whiteboards.

What Is The Size Of The Space For Your Whiteboard?

No one likes a cramped office space. So make sure to measure the space you plan to place your whiteboard. Whether you plan to hang it on the wall or put it in your conference room, knowing how much space you have to work with will come in handy.

Consider the places you’ll move your whiteboard if you’re looking at portability. If it’s very large, it might not fit the other space you plan to put it. And if you have limited storage for a portable dry-erase board, it could be best to get a smaller board that’ll fit.

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