The Benefits Of Remote Working

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Now more than ever, we’re seeing companies offer remote working opportunities to their employees. 

And why shouldn’t they?

With so many people shifting towards working remotely, the trend continues without an end in sight. In 2019, we’re seeing companies operating with a remote workforce increasing in number.

At this point, 66% of companies are allowing remote work — and 16% operate totally remote.

As this trend continues to expand, it’s essential to understand why so many people choose to work remotely in Houston. In this article, we’ll touch upon the benefits of remote work and why employers are shifting towards offering this flexibility.

Remote Work Increases Productivity

In a survey of remote employees conducted by CoSo Cloud, they found that remote workers find more motivation and efficiency working off-site. With these findings, CoSo Cloud shows that productivity benefits employers and employees.

During the survey, 23% of the remote workers said that they’re willing to work longer hours to get more done. More than half of those surveyed claim they’re not as likely to take time off because of their remote work.

As if that’s not enough to showcase just how much productivity can increase from working remotely, 30% of the interviewees reported they accomplish more in less time. This survey also highlighted the point that 77% of those surveyed experienced an improvement in their productivity while working from home.

Saves Money & Resources

According to the CoSo Cloud survey, employees experience savings when they work remotely. The respondents reported savings as high as $5,240 each year. This doesn’t even take what employers are saving into consideration.

With a remote work policy in place, you’re reducing business overhead. You’re effectively cutting your office space costs by having fewer employees in-house.

Some companies even opt for a virtual office. This allows them to maintain a commercial mailing address without the cost and commitment an office space requires. All in all, saving money and resources is simple when considering the benefits of having less space to manage.

Offers Appealing Freedoms

Also contributing to the happiness remote workers experience is an increase in freedom. These employees can wear what they want, exercise during the workday, socialize, and create their own schedules. And let’s not forget the option to work from anywhere.

Sitting in an office space throughout the day can increase stress. This study showcases remote workers have lower stress levels. Thus, when allowed to work remotely, employees are measurably happier.

Some remote employees become digital nomads, traveling across the globe, experiencing all that life has to offer while working from hotel rooms and coworking spaces. Others prefer to work from home. The key to making the most of this experience is to do what makes you happy.

Regardless of preference, the freedom that remote working provides is appealing. It’s a smart offering for business owners and an excellent choice for anyone looking to steer away from the restrictions of a traditional career.

As you hire or look for work, keep your mind open to the idea of remote working. It’s catching on for a reason, and it’s always nice to try something new.

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