Benefits of an Executive Office Suite in Houston

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It has been exciting to see the interest around Washington Office Co. as we finalize construction and get ready for the opening of our first location in Houston.  For those not familiar, we are a new Houston based creative office suite and coworking space built for the modern, agile workforce.  We provide executive office suites, workstations, and virtual offices for teams, professionals, and remote workers.  We are centrally located in a growing live-work community on Historic Washington Avenue.


Architectural Rendering of Hot Seats & Office Suites

Architectural Rendering of Hot Seats & Office Suites


Something we have observed in talking to early potential members is the number of companies and professionals looking for a satellite office or physical presence in Houston that allows them to get closer to their customers and prospects. Many need a central, convenient location to bring the team together, but they don’t want the hassles of traditional office space.

Benefits of creative office suite as a satellite or 2nd office

Executive office suites and coworking spaces can be a great solution for those seeking a 2nd office, satellite office, or touch-down space for local and remote workers. Based on feedback from our early potential members, we put together a short list of benefits our space can provide for those looking for a more efficient team office in Houston.

  1. Establish a physical presence in Houston near downtown in central location
  2. Become visible in the eyes of your customers and prospects by placing your company on the map (Google search for example)
  3. Offer a convenient space for teams and executives to touch-down for business when visiting Houston
  4. Offer a place for remote and local reps to work instead of relying on homes, coffee shops, and hotels
  5. Set-up shop easily and quickly – you can start enjoying the office, coffee bar, and bandwidth within 48 hours
  6. Don’t waste time on exhaustive lease agreements, or engage in any long-term office commitments – we have a light membership agreement and can even do month-month flexible memberships
  7. Lose the attorney, architect, broker, furniture rep, contractors and enjoy a very low-cost setup – everything is pre-packaged and turn-key
  8. We’re low commitment. Hit a downturn or lose a contract? Scale down as quickly and efficiently as you were able to scale up. No heavy infrastructure costs, no long-term contracts, no letters of credit, no personal guarantees
  9. Let us handle the office details so you can focus on mission critical work. Utilities, Fiber, AC, Coffee – it’s all included.  No pesky CAM charges, parking garage fees, or unexpected charges
  10. Great way for small-medium sized businesses to scale and establish a larger footprint into Houston without up-front infrastructure and long-term commitment

The traditional office industry is changing as more and more companies place a high value on being agile.  In this cloud based and mobile world, many teams can communicate and perform key job functions regardless of whether or not they are in a traditional corporate office staffed with company IT, admin, and non-core personnel.  In this shared economy, teams can flex their footprint and become more productive by embracing flexible office space which meets the demands of this modern, agile workforce.

Looking for an office in Houston or uplift to existing office? Set up a hard hat tour to check out our space and meet our team.

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