Introducing Washington Office Co.

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WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is planting roots in the Old Sixth Ward Historic District of Houston. Get ready Houston! This modern workspace is one of many businesses bringing new energy to this amazing neighborhood on Washington Avenue.

Opening in February 2019, WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is a shared workspace that was built to support the modern, agile workforce.  With superior technology and hospitality – teams, professionals, and remote employees can enjoy a better work experience in the heart of Houston’s vibrant city life.

First Coworking Space on Washington Ave.


WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is strategically located in the pulse of the city – in an amenity rich live-work location near Downtown, Montrose, and the Heights.

Local Map Legend of Washington Office Co. in Old Sixth Ward Historic District

Local Map Legend of Washington Office Co on Washington Ave in Houston, TX 77007 in Old Sixth Ward Historic District.


This Houston coworking space was founded by local professional, Matt Arceneaux, who was in search of a modern, remote office for his own mobile work routine.  Not fully satisfied with the options at the time, Matt set out to create a coworking space in Houston based around authenticity, live-work culture, and modern office technology.

After scouring locations for the placement of his shared office concept, the warmth and local charm of 1923 Washington Ave. won him over.  Matt, who started his career in oil & gas, sees the space as a convenient second office or remote location or for mobile professionals working in and around Houston.

“WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is a great way for businesses and professionals to establish a physical presence near the center of Houston in a unique spot on Washington Ave.  It’s easy to park, it’s close to downtown, the walkable amenities are fantastic, and it’s only going to get better.  Our coworking space will make a great full-time office or touch-down space for local and mobile professionals looking to improve the daily work experience for their team.

Matt and his business partner, Ian Clemens, a veteran software and E-commerce entrepreneur, also envision the space developing into an ecosystem of tech, software, and internet business related teams and professionals.


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Conveniently Located in the Loop


Short Drive-Times

If you need to visit a client, run an errand, or meet friends after work, you won’t have very far to go. Most places inside the loop take 10 to 15 minutes of drive time.

Drivetime from Coworking Space

5, 10, and 15 minute estimated Drivetime from Washington Office Co Coworking Space


Walk-able Amenities

Do you enjoy going for a nice walk? Maybe it’s to stretch your legs, avoid traffic, or just enjoy one of the many great weather days we have here in Houston.

WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is within walking distance of many great restaurants, bars, and venues. So whether you want to get out for lunch or enjoy a great happy hour before heading home, there is plenty to do within walking distance of WASHINGTON OFFICE CO.  See some of our favorites below!


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Happy Space = Happy Team


WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. has everything you need in a live-work location. Recruit and attract employees by offering a workspace experience they will actually enjoy. We have everything in place to create a happy, healthy work environment.


Functional and Productive Layout

With the right combination of privacy and open space, you and your team can be productive and social. Interact with others, collaborate, brainstorm, and create. And if you need a quiet space to focus, we’ve got you covered here too.

The workspace is scattered with meeting rooms, private suites, and open areas to collaborate, network, and be social. One of the main gathering points is a hospitality bar where you can gather for some good old-fashioned coffee talk.  If you need to hold a private conversation, simply hop into a phone booth, meeting room, or private office.

Washington Office Co. - Hospitality Bar

Washington Office Co – Washington Ave. Hospitality Bar Interior Rendering

Warm Surroundings

Many people feel better about their work when their work environment is engaging and aesthetically pleasing.  They are inspired and happy to be at work, and this often translates to better performance.

At WASHINGTON OFFICE CO., we’ve combined fresh modern features with the old school charm of a vintage building. Way before WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. was a coworking space, it was occupied by the BABSON BROS CO.  In the 1940s this company was well known for its innovative product development and fun, effective marketing campaigns.

The building retains its warm feel with exposed brick, reclaimed wood floors, and preserved character throughout.

Coworking Space Decor

Vintage advertisement from a product created by 1940’s building tenant.


Nature at its Finest

While WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is in the heart of the city, the great outdoors is just steps away. In fact, we are near some of the best outdoor spaces and parks that Houston has to offer.  The workspace is just minutes from an entrance to Buffalo Bayou Trails. Ride your bike, take a hike, or even get some miles in for your next marathon race.


Build Community

Companies, big and small, too often have teams scattered remotely in various locations. WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is a space where your team can come together and thrive!

Independent professionals can find an energizing atmosphere that inspires and fuels creativity and ideas.  Big hairy audacious goals don’t happen in a silo. WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is an opportunity to join a community.  Collaborate, communicate, and build things with other people.


Easy Access

Unlike Downtown and some other urban areas of the city, WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. has plenty of free, dedicated parking. That’s right, you don’t have to rent parking space for yourself of your employees. No additional $300 parking contract here.


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Let’s Talk Tech


So, you’ve got the picture that WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. is a productive atmosphere in a unique and convenient location. You also know there are plenty of great local amenities to visit.

So, what’s the bandwidth like?

Just so you know, at WASHINGTON OFFICE CO., we are very passionate about office tech. To us, your work is mission critical. That’s why the space is equipped with a dedicated fiber pipe that delivers reliable, uninterrupted, and blazing fast upload and download speeds.

Our modern Wi-Fi provides fast, excellent coverage and all of our private office members enjoy hard-lined ethernet ports.  Furthermore, we employ primary and backup networks to ensure you remain connected.

Not all companies and teams are created equal, which is why we can offer a custom package for your security and bandwidth requirements. You can choose from things like dedicated lines, increased bandwidth, and VLAN.

Plus, we offer a slick, easy-to-use member management platform that you can use for all types of purposes: managing membership payments, keeping up with the community, or getting access to local perks and discounts.


Why Are So Many Companies Ditching Traditional Offices?


A profound shift is taking place in the traditional office market, whereby our mobile and connected workforce is requesting a more flexible and productive work experience.

Companies are demanding a low commitment, recession proof, turn-key office solution.  Moreover, the office needs to meet the modern technical, virtual, and cloud-based requirements of work.

HR Managers and company leaders are also putting a higher value on a healthy-happy working environment.  It’s becoming a perk to offer coworking memberships or remote office allowance to your employees.

Teams and employees are flocking to flexible workspaces around the globe. A study by JLL claims that by 2030, 30% of a corporate portfolio will comprise flexible space and investors will need to restructure their portfolio to profit from this trend.

Trends also show that even in markets where office inventory increases, the flexible workspace industry continues to expand.  A true shift in the way people work.


Membership Options


We know that companies have many different workspace requirements. That’s why we give you plenty of options. Not quite ready for a full-blown office or membership?

Virtual Office Memberships

Consider a virtual office. You can get a local address, mailbox, digital mail app, phone number, and even a live receptionist if you choose. Get the basic professional business perks without even occupying the space.

NOTE: You don’t have to wait for opening day to get a virtual office. Order your virtual office or custom package here.


Get Your Own Office Space at Washington Ave.

Explore our various memberships including private offices, corner suites, private office workstations, and all access coworking.

Want to help us fuel the space and start building the WASHINGTON OFFICE CO. culture? Then reserve your membership soon!


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We would love the opportunity to share the space to see if this could be a great fit for you and your team.


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